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Visiting rules

Smoking is prohibited in the hall and inside the Cannabiznis Expo area, except for the area specially reserved for smoking.

Visitors entering the Exhibition Centre premises are obliged to behave in such a way as not to cause damage to the premises, equipment or any objects situated on the premises. They are also obliged to keep the premises clean.

It is forbidden to consume, buy or sell any illegal substance in the exhibition premises. Offenders will be removed and punished according to legislation.

The organizer is not responsible for loss of any objects brought on the premises or damage to the property or health of persons if caused by their own actions or actions of third parties which are violating these Visiting Rules.

Visitors vehicles may be parked on designated spaces outside the exhibition area unless parking service representatives decide otherwise. Parking is not allowed on unmarked places, especially not on places designated for fire brigade equipment. Any vehicles parked outside the designated areas or on forbidden areas or vehicles obstructing daily business or operation in case of emergency situations or fire will be removed at the owner’s expense.

Without special permission granted by the organizer it is not allowed to do the following on the Cannabiznis Expo premises:

  • handing out leaflets,
  • print-outs and other publications,
  • advertise,
  • take commercial photographs,
  • conduct opinion polls and similar activities,
  • sell goods or do any other unauthorized business activities,
  • cause damage to the equipment and premises,
  • move about outside the designated routes,
  • enter premises which are not open to the general public.